Videos camcorder converter.
MovieCam is designed to handle all video types (with or without "comb effects")
from cameras/camcorders. (This application is the newest version of the old 'MovieConverter-Studio's HD Module'… but better ;-))

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Version 1.2Bug fixes… , 2013-11-28

And why technology has to spoil you the fun of a video??

…Try MovieCam:

How to use

Drag and drop a file, some files or a whole folder on MovieCam and the previously not-useable videos from your camcorder will be conformed.
(end of the "how to" ;-))


  • qtqtAdapt to editing software needs (depending on source's properties).
  • aicimovieKeep source's properties during conversion (size, framerate, etc), whatever editing software needs.
  • proresfcpUnify every sorts of videos: Force conversion (size / frame rate).

MovieCam, convert videos from any camcorder and -easily- obtain good results :-)

You just want a -good- preparation of your videos?



(± $ )

output formats:

expert options:

  • qtoriginKeep all informations from your original video.
  • aichalfToo high frame rate, or "comb's effect"? …Simplify your complex video.
  • proresslowToo many images or "comb's effect"? …The opportunity to make a nice slow motion.
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